Wild Sea Women Sea Dip – Ayrshire

Together we embrace the waves

Wild Sea Women – Ayrshire

This session is suitable for sea women age 18 and over. No experience required. We meet on the beach where you’ll be guided through a breathing technique and meditation to help prepare the mind and body for the cold water dip in the sea.

Our group has increased to more than 11,000 members with a variety of beaches throughout England and Scotland and run by a fantastic group of volunteers who, without their support would not be able to give all that we can offer.

We welcome men and women from all walks of life and those who participate in our events is coming for their own reason such as to aid in their physical or mental health , or to just feel connected and comfortable with other people who are similar to them.

Sea Dipping – Health Benefits?

Although cold water dipping can provide numerous health benefits, it’s classified as an extreme sport and therefore comes with hazards, too. It’s therefore essential to follow the safety guidelines and suggestions, and only take part if you are healthy and fit enough to take part. Check with your GP in case you’re unsure.

The profits earned this year will go to our community-based companies. Many people don’t know of the work that goes behind the scenes, that is why this will help keep the company running and provide additional services for free to you, our fantastic community.

Deliberate Cold Exposure Benefits

  • helps boost the immune system.
  • Brown fat is activated (burns the white fat)
  • Improves the heart health
  • Dopamine levels increase (increased motivation)
  • Activates endorphins
  • boosts focus and energy
  • It helps to calm and strengthen the mind.

Which of them will you join?

You can only choose. If you’re novice to dips in cold waters, we suggest beginning by dipping in Snow Zone. If you are feeling like you’d like to grow, then you are able to move into a higher grade the following month, at no additional cost. This is your chance to shine and we’d like you to achieve the highest quality for yourself.

Snow Zone Two dips per week sign up for Snow Zone

Chill Zone 4-Dips every week – join to Chill Zone

Blizzard Zone – 6 dips per week – sign up to Blizzard Zone

After the challenge you’ll be invited to the beach for our challenge’s end celebration (the beach party is open to all who take to the challenge).

Details of where we meet and what to bring will be listed in the sign up email.

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