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Certain breathing strategies included in Beach Yoga (along with cold exposure) can provide us with cardio-based exercise, which is the best method of staying well (and certainly fit), especially in the case of people like me. You don’t even visit a gym (either because you’re not able to be bothered or do not enjoy them at all (both are true for me).).

How we breathe can have an impact on numerous aspects of our lives. It affects us physically, emotionally, and physically. If we want to change our lives, we seldom consider altering our breath.

Instead, we’ll look first at our diet or the quantity of exercise we’re undertaking, and even though these activities are great ways to assist us in becoming healthier, if our breath isn’t taken into consideration, it’s possible that you aren’t seeing those changes that you’d prefer notice.

I’ll remind you that we could go about three weeks without food, three days without water, and only a few minutes without breathing – however, the breath is hardly a factor.

Can Beach Yoga help me breathe more effectively?

Be aware of your breath and notice it more often throughout the day. Consider changing to breathing through your nose (if you’re currently breathing through your mouth), that is, breathing out and in through the nose.

It’s also a good idea to use an alarm clock and count how many times you breathe each second (though this isn’t a valid test since as we become aware of our breathing, we are more likely to reduce it).

The most effective method of breathing consists of between 6 and 10 breaths per minute (inhale until the count is four and exhale to the number of 6, with an extended pause between each exhale).

If you notice that you’re breathing in the range of 14 breaths for every minute or over, it could indicate that you’re in a state of stress.

What are the benefits of breathing through the nose?

  • Inhaled air is heated and humidified, which protects the lungs from dry or cold environments.
  • It creates nitric oxygen, which aids the O2 in penetrating tissue.
  • natural defense against bacteria
  • The nervous system is calmed
  • prevents dehydration
  • The breath that is breathed through the nose goes to the diaphragm (which is precisely the direction it is supposed to go)
  • Enhances the immune system.

When we breathe through our mouth, it could significantly impact us so much that it could even alter the facial structure and the spine (and certainly not in a positive way, either).

If you’re interested in exploring this more, join me at one of my forthcoming workshops, where we dive deep into the subject and look at the breath on a more profound level and the benefits of exposure to cold. Visit here to see forthcoming Beach Yoga workshops.

If you’re not fascinated by how it works but would rather be awed by the power of breath and experience the power of breath, then take me on the web or the shore for an introductory breathing session. Visit here for classes scheduled online and scheduled sessions in the ocean.

This session is suitable for men and women over the age of 18. No experience is required. There is also an optional dip in the sea after this session.

Details of where we will meet and what to bring will be listed in the signup email.

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