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Together we embrace the waves

Wild Sea Women make sessions and classes suitable for women aged 18 and over. No experience is required. We meet on the beach, where you’ll guide through breathing techniques and meditation to help prepare the mind and body for the cold water dip in the sea.

Who are Wild Sea Women?

Wild Sea Women(r) (WSW) are a group made up of women from all walks of life that come together to encourage and support one another while enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean (or other natural cold water).

We typically meet once a week (all year long) at a specific time, where you’ll be welcomed by one of the fantastic Team members. Then, we’ll start our session by doing an energizing meditation or breathing technique that helps to ease tension and calm the mind and body and will help you get your body ready and be in a positive mindset before you take an underwater dip.

We offer other classes

Our group isn’t all about swimming (though some women also swim! ); instead, we are swimming dips and taking in the numerous benefits of cold water.

What can we be prepared for?

Our group meets at our regularly scheduled beaches, and we’ll sit down for a short time and then be guided through a breathing method. Our leaders bring their personal touch to the exercise.

There is an active Wild Sea Women group at several beaches throughout England and Scotland. Each location has at at-least one WWW leader. Our leaders are all volunteers available to assist you during your cold water adventure.

WSW Locations





South Shields





North Berwick

East Lothian

We began our group in June 2020 in Sunderland. We soon realized there was a demand for other groups in other places. The women (our extraordinary leaders) were willing to aid us in our mission, and as a result, we have continued to grow.

Sign up for the Youtube channel for those who want to see us performing.

If you have any queries about Wild Sea Women or are interested in joining our team, check out our FAQ section.

The Wild Sea Women(r) is an intimate group of women who donate their time and talents to help their fellow members of the Wild Sea Women Community. We’re always thinking of ways to enhance our WSW experience and are open to suggestions and ideas.

Details of where we will meet and what to bring will be listed in the signup email.

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Every Sunday. Times will change with the seasons.

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