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Where Can I Learn to Do Javelin in the UK?

Where can I learn to do Javelin in the UK If you're looking to learn how to throw the javelin, there are a variety of resources available. From uCoach to UK Coaching, you'll find everything you need to get started, from running and javelining guides to official support. UK Coaching can help you find a coach and get involved in the sport.


If you want to learn how to do Javelin in the UK, uCoach is the place to go. Their online courses are highly accessible and regularly updated, which means that you can get the latest information from anywhere. Although some of the content may be out of date, the basic principles and mechanics remain unchanged.

Loughborough University

The University of Loughborough is a great place to learn how to throw the javelin. It is located on 440 acres in the United Kingdom, and has a global reputation for teaching excellence and a strong connection with the sport sector. Its sports programs are renowned for their high level of achievement, and the school also has a great sense of community.


If you want to try para-athletics but aren't sure where to start, the UK has a wealth of resources for you to explore. From para-athletics coaching to equipment to competitions, there are many ways to get involved and learn how to do javelin in the UK. You can also join a club and help out as an official!

David Turner

David Turner is a sports coach based in Loughborough, England. He is a UK Development Lead for Coaching Children and an Athletics Coach. He teaches javelin at Loughborough University and is also the Head Throws Coach at the University. He has a Bachelor of Sports Science and is an experienced javelin coach. He also runs a throws recruitment programme and has worked with many British athletes at various international competitions.

Other throws coaches

Other throws coaches in the UK include David Ross, the Head Throws Coach at Loughborough University and the Great Britain Team Coach. David is an expert in athlete welfare, youth development, and Safeguarding in Sport, and is responsible for coordinating the throws services at Loughborough.

Local clubs

In the UK, there are local clubs that you can join to learn how to throw a javelin. The Manchester Athletics Club is one such club and has many events throughout the year, including the Primary Schools Cross Country League, the Star Track, Manchester Mile, and the Joe Moran Veterans Track and Field event. The club also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Online resources

If you're interested in learning more about the javelin, there are many online resources available. BBC Bitesize offers educational resources for athletes and coaches, which you can use to help you develop your skills. It also features videos and audios from well-known athletes and coaches, as well as access to the latest in educational research and news.