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Where Can I Do Spin Classes in the UK?

Where can I do Spin Classes in the UK There are several places in the UK where you can try spinning classes. You can find studios in Kensington, Knightsbridge, St John's Wood, and other locations. Some studios also have smoothie bars. To get the most out of your spin classes, visit a studio near you.


After opening a single spin class on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in 2006, SoulCycle has now grown to 100 locations across the USA. Its name has become synonymous with a certain millennial stereotype, and its classes have become hugely popular. The new UK branch opened in June. It is a distinctly different experience from its predecessor, but the same principles apply. SoulCycle is a cult, a lifestyle and an exercise experience. Founded by fitness instructor Barry Jay in 1998, the brand has since grown into an international sensation. The studios are in cities such as Manchester and London, as well as in Norway and Sweden.


Despite the name, Popcycle spin classes are not just any spin classes. Their tempo is faster than most rides, and their choreography challenges the riders' psychomotor skills and body coordination. As a result, they have developed a cult following. While their original studio was in an opulent country mansion, Popcycle has now rebranded itself as SPN and has a new three-floor studio in Tunbridge Wells.

Other Space

There are a range of studios across the UK that offer spin classes for the whole body, from dance-inspired classes to full-body choreography. There are also studios that don't have a lot of frills, such as Another Space, which offers tempo-based intervals. Another Space also offers classes with hill climbs, sprints, and upper-body work, and has a smoothie bar and showers. The first Soul Cycle-inspired spin studio opened in London's Soho in 2011. Since then, it has grown into a thriving fitness community. The classes feature arm presses and standing movements, and the instructors make sure to keep riders on their toes. The London studios are divided into four locations, including one south of the river, which features an innovative co-working space.


In the UK, there are plenty of options for spin classes. In addition to the popular Soul Cycle brand, which launched in 2006, there are many studios offering similar classes. Some are inspired by Soul Cycle, while others have more of a cycling element. In London, the two major studios are Psycle and Boom Cycle. There are also similar classes at OneRebel and Another Space. Meanwhile, Digme is somewhere in between, and focuses on the cycling element. Other studios include Athlete Lab and Ride Republic. Digme Fitness is another example of a spin studio in the UK. Founded in Richmond, this studio has expanded to other parts of the city. The classes last 45 minutes and are ideal for both beginners and experienced cyclists. These classes are music-focused and feature mini-challenges. It also features a welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for all levels.