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Where Can I Find a Zipwire in the UK?

Where can I find a Zipwire in the UK If you've always wanted to try Zipwires, you've come to the right place. There are a number of locations around the UK, from Go Ape to Zip World. Zip World Tower is the 4th Zip World location, and features 4 different zip wire experiences, including the Phoenix zip wire, the world's longest zip wire, the Tower Climber, and the Tower Coaster, the first 2-seat alpine coaster.

Go Ape zip wires

Go Ape is a tree-top adventure company with over 30 locations in the UK. The company's courses offer high wires and tricky crossings through forests and other natural settings. The activities are great fun and an excellent way to get out of your comfort zone. You will get a great adrenaline rush! In Scotland, there are six Go Ape zip wire locations, including the longest zip wire in the country. The zip wire in Aberfoyle is 426 metres long and offers fantastic views of the landscape. The course is great for all ages and abilities and the zip wires here are also suitable for those with limited mobility. The courses are a combination of zip wires and high ropes courses. The courses are located in Queen Elizabeth Park, just outside of Aberfoyle. Go Ape offers zip wires that span 46 meters above the ground, and swings through the trees. The centre also has a cafe, and visitors can grab a cup of coffee or tea while they experience the adventure. To go zip lining, climbers must wear safety equipment. Go Ape provides harnesses for the climbers and instructs on how to use the safety system. They demonstrate the zip wire as well as a low level crossing, and instructors make sure that participants are secure and attached to the safety lines.

Go Ape zip wires are a mode of transport

Go Ape zip wires are a great way to see the countryside and get up close to the wildlife. These lines take people up to the top of the treetops and give them a bird's eye view of the forest. They are self braking, and have a variety of lengths. The first part of the tour involves jumping off a platform and moving down a cable to a landing area. The zip wires are at a height of sixteen metres, and are set in a valley. The company has 31 locations in the UK and one more is due to open soon. There are also 16 Go Ape locations in the US. Each location has a unique course layout and has zip wires and other challenges. Some of the courses even have double zip wires. The Cumbria Go Ape treetop rope course, for example, has seven double zip lines that are more than two miles long. One of the UK's most popular zip wires is found at the Go Ape Aberfoyle location. The company has two locations in Scotland: Peebles, near Edinburgh, and Crathes, near Aberdeen. The Aberfoyle location was renovated earlier this year and celebrated its 10th anniversary in June. It features the longest zip wires in the UK, which will send you flying 46 metres above the ground.