Green Energy Solution

Green Energy Solutions

With many years combined experience in the energy sector, and as one of the UK’s largest Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) contractors we can deliver on all your Green Energy requirements.

We know businesses require electricity that is low-cost, reliable and clean

We know the answer is renewable technology such as Solar PV, LED Lighting and Battery Storage

We know that up-front costs and maintenance are the biggest barriers to using these technologies

The solution? We know that too…

Our comprehensive process enables businesses to save money on their energy bills, and reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, with our fully-funded Power Purchase Agreement solution (PPA) all of this can be achieved without any up-front expenditure.

Many business owners are unaware that there is specific funding set aside to help them drastically reduce energy costs, protect against future volatile energy price hikes and demonstrate environmental responsibility through a reduction in their carbon footprint.

There are three purchase options across all our environmentally-friendly technologies:

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) By far our most popular option, this is specific funding which allows companies to install sustainable energy solutions with no up-front costs and with the added benefit of having the system fully maintained.

Private investment (Able to Buy) in which clients fund their own energy efficient solutions, allowing them to benefit from significant savings in energy costs.

Asset finance (Pay as you Save) whereby the technology is funded via asset finance, or commercial loans. With this option, the savings generated by the system pay off the initial outlay, typically within 5-7 years.

As one of the few companies in the UK we can ringfence PPA funding we are in a great position assist our customers in removing initial outlay and providing cheaper energy rates.

Our experienced and professional team will:

  1. Assess your requirements
  2. Tailor a clean energy plan for your company
  3. Supply and install the equipment (with no upfront charge for clients on a PPA agreement)
  4. Carry out all maintenance (included as part of a PPA, or via optional maintenance contracts for Able to Buy or Pay as you Save clients)