Solar Panels

Solar PV

Solar PV, or a photovoltaic system, is a method of harnessing the power of sunlight to create energy that can be used to power any electrical device. 17% of people believe that solar panels can only be fitted on buildings with south facing roofs and, while they are traditionally the most effective, modern panels can generate electricity from any angle – even on cloudy days!

Start saving with Sportspod

We believe every business deserves greener, cheaper energy, without expensive up-front costs. We use a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) alongside our four-step journey to help organisations across the UK achieve this goal – guaranteeing businesses a more financially stable future that is sustainable, powered by renewable energy.

Energy prices are locked in for up to 25 years, rising only in-line with annual inflation, and contracts are fully transferable should the property be sold during the contract. This means as you get further into your contract the greater the savings you make.

Our system can also assist with ESOS and CRC compliance.