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E Sports Events and Activities in the UK

E Sports Events and Activities in the UK E Sports events are gaining more popularity across the globe, and the UK has a growing eSports industry. In 2017, the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational drew 60 million viewers and surpassed the inauguration of President Donald Trump in online views. By 2021, eSports are expected to attract 474 million viewers. However, in the UK, only seven per cent of adults said they regularly watch eSports games, falling behind other countries.

eSports is a form of electronic sport

eSports has risen in popularity in recent years, and has attracted a large number of fans in the UK and beyond. Most tournaments are team-based, with teams competing in different leagues throughout the year and culminating in a grand final. There are both global and regional tournaments. Teams from Europe and Asia compete against each other in international competitions. There are also one-on-one head-to-head matches.

It is a multi-million pound industry

Esports are a fast-growing sector in the UK, with thousands of students taking part in competitions each year. These tournaments can attract huge crowds, and prizes are often in the millions. The industry has a diverse range of jobs, including event management, journalism, and broadcast and marketing specialists.

It has positive aspects

The UK has a strong esports community and many large esports events are held in the country. Some of these events include the ESL One Birmingham and the FACEIT Major. These events are beneficial for the UK as it attracts a large number of fans and can provide a number of economic benefits. The UK also has a young audience that is ripe for developing and promoting esports events.

It is an alternative to traditional sports

The E Sports industry is booming across Europe, Asia, and North America. In the UK, it is a thriving industry with the creation of the British eSports Association.

It is a business

E Sports is a growing industry with many opportunities for businesses. The UK has a grass roots eSports scene that is rapidly growing, and major events are being hosted in venues across the country. There are plenty of jobs in the production side, too, such as Shoutcasters and desk analysts. In addition, the industry is also getting funding from big companies.

It has tax implications

There are a number of tax implications for E Sports events and activities taking place in the UK. Firstly, if a team has a permanent establishment in the UK, they will need to register as an employer and withhold Class 1 NIC and PAYE from their UK resident employees. Secondly, if the team hires professional e-sports talent from outside the UK, they will need to consider the tax implications in the country where the stars live.