10 Incredible Advantages of Running

10 incredible advantages of running

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Running will help you stay healthier, reduce stress and boost your happiness. It’s time to get started now!

If you’ve never walked one step, you might think about whether you should give it a go. Yes, running has a myriad of health benefits for your mind and body. Here are a few of the most beneficial one’s…

1. It could help you live a longer life.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of exercising for life. For instance when a study was conducted of 55,000 participants who exercised, researchers from Iowa State University found running three times per week for 17 minutes reduced the risk of having a fatal stroke or heart attack by 55 percent. Since 1991 the National Runners and Walkers’ Study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California has been following more than 154,000 walkers and runners. It has concluded that even 3 to 7 miles exercise per week lowers the risk of suffering from stroke as well as diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.

2. It could reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Running can’t stop cancer. However, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it can help prevent it. A study in The Journal Of Nutrition revealed that regular exercise is linked with a reduced risk of developing certain types of cancer, which includes colon cancer (risk decreased by 40% to 70 percentage) and breast cancer (30% to 40%), breast (30 percent to 40 percent) as well as lung cancer (30 percent to 40 percent).

3. It helps to keep your mind active and alert. 

Research published in The Psychonomic Bulletin and Review found evidence indisputable that regular exercise reduces the decline in mental health caused by age. Adults older than 50 who exercise aerobic exercise have higher cognitive functioning and better blood flow to the brain, as per research published in Frontiers in Ageing Neuroscience. Another study published from the Journal Of Alzheimer’s Disease discovered that people who run 15.3 miles each week had a 40 percentage lower risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease than those who did not run.

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4. It’s good for joints.

Sorry, naysayers! Running won’t wreck your knees. In fact, it could help strengthen them, as well as other joints. Studies conducted by Stanford University in California found that recreational runners had lesser wear on joints. Additionally, research published published in Osteoporosis International discovered that runners with a greater bones mineral content than people who are sedentary and swimmers who were the same age.

5. It eases stress.

A brief study conducted by the sports company Asics examined the activity of brain cells in athletes prior to and following the 20-minute run. This relatively brief bout of exercise was associated with an increase of 58% in stress levels.

6. It’s not expensive.

Yes, you can invest an enormous amount of cash on carbon-fibre-based trainers, high-tech apparel and gadgets however, at the most basic level all you require to start is an outfit of decent shoes and a comfy outfit that won’t cause chafe. It’s less expensive than playing golf.

7. It’s the perfect time to relax.

Running is an excellent opportunity to grant yourself the freedom to dedicate time to you. You can enjoy music, catch up with an audiobook or your favorite podcast, or disconnect yourself from the internet, leave your mobile at home and just be aware of your breath, as well as the sights and sounds all around you.

8. Nature is a wonderful place to relax.

Running is a great excuse to go outside and experience the positive effects of nature regardless of whether it’s a trail that’s remote or your neighborhood park. One study that was published in Environmental Science And Technology found that those who exercised outdoors had higher levels of energy, less feelings of depression, and had a higher likelihood to continue their exercise routines.

The research within the Journal Scientific Reports found people who spent 2 hours in the outdoors per every week are more likely be satisfied with their health and satisfaction. It’s also beneficial for increasing the levels of vitamin D during the winter months, which many Britons are lacking in.

9. It lets you take control of your life

It’s an incredibly adaptable, versatile sport – you are able to select the best way to approach running. You can choose to run on your own or with your friends and run three or four times a week , or dive into races, and eventually work towards running a marathon or a half marathon. You can take the 15 minutes to run for a short run or run for longer than an hour dependent on the demands of your time. It’s your choice.

10. It will make you feel happier.

The Glasgow Caledonian University study quizzed over 8,000 regulars of parkrun about their health and wellbeing. They averaged 4.4 out of 6 in the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire – above the average of 4 for the average person. Additionally 89% of parkrunners claimed that regular exercise brought them happiness and also had a beneficial effect on their physical health.

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