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Best Places to Go Walking in the UK

Best places to go walking in the UK The British countryside offers a variety of walking paths. If you're looking for a challenging challenge, you can try walking England's "great wall." The wall is part of the Roman history of England, and walking its length can provide a sense of mission. You can hike sections in one day, or arrange a taxi for transportation if you'd like to cover a large area.

St. Cuthbert's Way

If you're looking for a unique walking experience, look no further than St. Cuthbert's Way. This ancient pilgrimage route connects several sites associated with St Cuthbert, a 7th century monk. This route begins in Melrose and ends in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland. It also includes a visit to the tidal island of Lindisfarne. The route passes through a wide variety of countryside and is easy to complete in four days. If you have a car, you can take the bus to Jedburgh, a bustling town with pubs, restaurants, and accommodations. From there, you can take a bus to Ancrum. Once there, you can start the St. Cuthbert's Way by walking up Wideopen Hill, a hill measuring 386 meters (1,207 feet) tall.

St. Cuthbert's Way - Melrose to Lindisfarne

In the Scottish Borders, there's a 100-kilometre long-distance walking trail known as St Cuthbert's Way. Named after a seventh-century saint who spent his life in the service of the church, the trail links Melrose and Lindisfarne. Starting in Melrose, the St Cuthbert's Way will lead you eastward through historic towns before crossing the border into England. You will reach the renowned Holy Island of Lindisfarne, which is regarded as one of northern England's holiest places.

Cotswold Way - South Section

The Cotswold Way - South section is one of the best walking trails in the UK and is ideal for novices and those with reasonable fitness levels. The trail is best completed over a period of nine to ten days. To get in shape for this walk, novice hikers should start training by taking regular shorter walks that are similar in distance. Before you begin your journey, make sure you do some stretching exercises and take an evening bath to relax your muscles. Make sure to book your accommodation with a bath for the duration of your walk. The Cotswolds are a beautiful region of rolling hills rising from the upper Thames meadows. They form the Cotswold Escarpment that rises above the Severn Valley and the Evesham Vale. The Cotswold Edge follows the river and provides fantastic views of the countryside.

Hadrian's Wall Path

If you love walking, there are a number of great routes in the UK. For a sense of adventure, take a walk along the "great wall" in England. This ancient wall, which runs for about 160 miles from the north to the south, dates back to Roman times. It can be challenging to complete the whole trail in a day, but you can always walk sections of it and take a taxi back to the starting point. The UK has many beautiful walking trails, and you can choose from cliff-sides, rolling countryside, and wildflowers. You'll need a walking map and sturdy footwear, but these paths will make you feel like a real explorer. One of the best walking trails in the UK is in the Peak District, which features a range of stunning landscapes including rolling valleys and large rock summits.